art is all around us: create something of your own!

looking for something artsy?

We've collected little mini-lessons and activities if you're cooped up and looking for something fun and artistic to do. 

During this spring's quarantine period, new activities will be regularly.

Summer Season Activities

We have a variety of activities based on our previous camps including coloring pages and word searches (with more activities coming soon).

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is arguably one of the greatest and most famous playwrights of not only Elizabethan England but of all time. His plays have been performed for centuries and have gone on to inspire movies and musicals alike. Learn more about the hard-working bard with this section of activities!

Reading Sheet Music

Reading sheet music is a skill that is important in music and musical theatre alike, so take a little bit of time to learn more and make music a second language! Each informational packet includes activities at the end to test your knowledge.

Download Beginner's Guide Here

Keep Yourself Composed

There are so many Broadway musical composers and lyricists that have contributed to making musical theatre a diverse and fun art form. Learn more about each of these wonderful men and women, we have crosswords and word searches about their fantastic works!